Browser version of CounterBoost, uploaded separately so it wouldn't in any way interfere with my GMTK Game Jam submission.

This game is played with only movement and one button. The button does one thing: Boost. However, you have to be next to one of the red cube enemies to boost, otherwise you'll be frozen and left vulnerable for a moment.

The goal of the game is to beat the boss as fast as possible, but the boss doesn't appear until the Intensity is high enough. Chain boosts together to increase Intensity faster. Some enemies also cannot be beaten without first chaining together enough boosts.

While the game will work on a keyboard (WASD/Arrow Keys move, Spacebar boosts), I'd recommend playing it with a controller, as the analog movement makes the game feel a lot tighter (Xbox 360 controls: Analog stick moves, A button boosts). Esc to quit.

Note: There seems to be an issue with controller support when playing in Chrome, so if the A button goes off on rapidfire, try a different browser for now.

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